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Blue Mountain Environmental Management Corporation

In 1997, Blue Mountain Environmental Management Corporation (BMEMC) was founded to provide National, as well as international businesses with the tools and expertise necessary to save time, limit liabilities and comply with today's ever-changing and stringent regulatory requirements.

BMEMC, is a progressive and full-service engineering, technical and management consulting firm with its corporate headquarters located in Valencia, Pennsylvania.

Our current staff of engineers, professionals and technicians is fully committed to providing unsurpassed, high quality services through our extensive knowledge of environmental regulations and sound, “state-of-the-art” engineering practices. The diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise we maintain enables BMEMC to provide a wide array of services to our clients while assuring a controlled continuity with respects to the needs of our clients, the evaluation of scientific methods and the development of response plans to meet and/or exceed compliance and regulatory directives. 

For many years, persons in corporate and managerial positions have been overwhelmed by the confusing verbiage and the highly perplexing reporting requirements found within Federal, State and Local regulations.

The position of the industry today is such that corporations are welcoming smaller, more technically apt, diverse and cost-effective companies, like BMEMC, that are capable of protecting a persons or companies liabilities by virtue of producing quick and responsible results while reducing project costs in the performance of tasks at hand.

A multidisciplinary staff of engineers, scientists, industrial hygienists, occupational safety and health professionals and technical support representatives provide a comprehensive array of air quality, industrial hygiene, occupational safety and health and environmental services.

By integrating, and/or networking with, other top-notch firms in the country, BMEMC is available to manage and provide a broad spectrum of environmental services that encompass, but are not limited to land, waterways, hazardous waste, emergency response and other environmentally related services.

Overall, our company can be characterized as a top-notch, high quality and aggressive environmental and occupational safety and health consulting and management firm that focuses on the clients needs and the many environmental and safety solutions that are available for today’s problems.

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